PNPL Wakesurf Athlete Bailey Rush

PNPL Wakesurf Athlete Bailey Rush

This year PNPL Apparel Co was lucky enough to have Bailey Rush - the reigning world wake surf champion join the PNPL Surf team! 

Want to know a little about Bailey, how she got into wake surfing, and more? We sat down with her for a little Q&A about her favourite tricks, surfing songs and more. 

What is your home lake?
I surf out of Gull Lake, AB.

Who taught you how to Wakesurf?
Our friend Tim taught me how to surf and what wake surfing was in 2016. Since then, my dad has been coaching me!

What is your favourite trick?
My favourite trick would have to be a 3 shuv!

What is your favourite wake surf board?
My favourite boards are my blunt skim, and aurora signature surfboards from Kanuk Board Co!

Who is your favourite wakesurfer?
Ashley Kidd is one of my favourite wakesurfers since she has brought, and is still bringing the sport forward for us ladies!

Are there any other sports you enjoy playing or doing?
Other than wakesurfing, I also love figure skating!

How long have you been wakesurfing for?
I first tried surfing in 2016, and then started competing in 2017.

Do you like ocean surfing too, or just wake surfing?
I have never tried ocean surfing before, but I would love to if I get the chance!

What is your favourite surf song?
My favourite surf Song is believe by Cher!