PNPL Wakesurf Athlete Derian Halsey

PNPL Wakesurf Athlete Derian Halsey

This year, the up and coming Outlaw (CWSA) surfer Derian Halsey joined the PNPL Surf team. He rides for phase five and is considered by many to be a future champion in the making.

Want to know a little about Derian, how he got into wake surfing, and more? We sat down with him for a little Q&A about his favourite tricks, surfing songs and more. 

What is your home lake?
I surf out of Sylvan Lake, AB.

Who taught you how to Wakesurf?
Julie Vasselin was the first one to coach me and show me the ropes of wakesurfing.

What is your favourite trick?
My favourite trick would have to be a a shuv.

What is your favourite wake surf board?
I love my Phase five Leeo.

Who is your favourite wakesurfer?
Ricky from Tricky WakeSurf School.

Are there any other sports you enjoy playing or doing?
I love playing hockey and snowboarding in the winter. 

How long have you been wakesurfing for?
I started wakesurfing all the way back in 2016.

Do you like ocean surfing too, or just wake surfing?
I haven't ocean surfed yet but ocean surfing and skim boarding are both on the top of my bucket list!

What is your favourite surf song?
I don't know why but when somebody puts on Barbie Girl by Aqua I always surf better! 

(It's in our top 5 too - believe us, it will up your surfing game by at least 5 notches.)