PNPL Wakesurf Athlete Keegan Hodgson

PNPL Wakesurf Athlete Keegan Hodgson

It's not often that a sport see's a young phenom come along like Keegan. He is lighting up the wakesurf world with his smooth riding and epic airs. PNPL is lucky to welcome him to the wake surf team in 2020. 

Want to know a little about Keegan, how he got into wake surfing, and more? We sat down with him for a little Q&A about her favourite tricks, surfing songs and more. 

What is your home lake?
I surf out of Chestermere, AB.

Who taught you how to Wakesurf?
Actually it was a family friend and A LOT of practise.
(Self taught! That's mind blowing!)

What is your favourite trick?
The switch big spin.

What is your favourite wake surf board?
I love the Kanuk Burnsy Pro. 

Who is your favourite wakesurfer?
Connor Burns!

Are there any other sports do you enjoy playing or doing?
I also play football.

How long have you been wakesurfing for?
I have been surfing for four years and two years of competing.

Do you like ocean surfing too, or just wake surfing?
I love ocean surfing too.

What is your favourite surf song?
Chatahoochee by Alan Jackson.