PNPL Wakesurf Athlete Sara Tallon

PNPL Wakesurf Athlete Sara Tallon

The PNPL team has signed the amazing World Champion (CWSA)  surfer; Sara Tallon to the surf team! Sara rides for Kanuk Board Co and is working to retain her top spot from Bailey Rush in 2020! Check out her instagram @Sara_tallon for some epic surfing videos!

Want to know a little about Sara, how she got into wake surfing, and more? We sat down with her for a little Q&A about her favourite tricks, surfing songs and more. 

What is your home lake?
I surf out of Sylvan Lake, AB.

Who taught you how to Wakesurf?
Julie Vasselin was the first one to show me all the different tricks and really introduce me into wake surfing.

What is your favourite trick?
My favourite trick would have to be a big spin into a switch big combo.

What is your favourite wake surf board?
Easy - The blunt from Kanuk Board Co.

Who is your favourite wakesurfer?
I can't choose just one🤪.

Are there any other sports you enjoy playing or doing?
During the winter here I enjoy skiing and in the spring I also play softball.

How long have you been wakesurfing for?
I have been surfing competitively for five years. I began in grade eight and am now a senior in high school.

Do you like ocean surfing too, or just wake surfing?
When I lived in Australia for a year I tried ocean surfing and it was so much fun! I've 
only done it once, but I definitely want to try it again.

What is your favourite surf song?
Just Out for a Rip ( Canadians will know this one)